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IKMMA 2017
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IKMMA 2017

The town, located on the coast of Arcata Bay, is a 5-hour drive north from San Francisco. It is home to Humboldt State University, progressive politics, a population passionate about art and music and a hip, lively downtown. Named “the Plaza”, the center of downtown Arcata is known for its festivals and a farmers market. Arcata is served by a local airport with direct connections to San Francisco, California and Portland, Oregon.

The region is special for marimba players, since Arcata is a hometown of Marimba One factory, the world’s premier maker of keyboard percussion instruments. Located in the college town of Arcata, nestled in the Redwoods of California, the company makes marimbas, vibraphones and other instruments, giving great attention to the sound that customers want on their instrument [within their budget.]
I really look forward to collaborating with our host Prof. Eugene Novotney and his team. Also the close neighbourhood with the famous marimba making company Marimba One promises a very special experience.

Thanks to the kind support of various companies, we will once again have many instruments at our disposal so that we can use the time together optimally.

It was once again possible for us to obtain Andreas Boettger (Germany), as well as invite Jean Geoffroy from France (so happy it worked out this time!) and Juan David Forero from Colombia, who was IKMMA scholarship holder 2007 and now comes back to teach and share his experience. I am very happy to have Arkadiusz Katny (Poland) as IKMMA composer with us and Conrado Moya (Spain) as an assistant – both of them experienced IKMMA as students and turned fundamental parts of the success!

I am very excited about further interesting guests (whose names will be announced later) as well as about all the challenges and discoveries at the next IKMMA!